Frequency Asked Questions

Many of the questions you may have are answered on this page, so please have a look before contacting us for support. To view a topic, simply click on its heading.

Billing Information

Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are. Our VAT number is 4750301436.

Are you able to issue a tax/VAT invoice?

Yes - all orders will be provided with an invoice via email either on the day of the order being completed, or on the Friday of the week of the order being completed.

Can you invoice my company?

Provided all relevant information is filled in on your account (company name, VAT number and address), we will make the invoice out to the company.

Ordering Information

How do I place an order?

It's simple, really! Find the products that you want, add them to your cart, click checkout at the top right of the page and follow the five easy steps.

Can I order without an account?

Unfortunately not - there are several reasons we need your information.

  • We need your information in order to contact you regarding your order should the need arise
  • Couriers will not deliver without complete information, including your name, address and contact number
  • We can't invoice you without having your details
  • If you're collecting, we have no way of knowing we're giving the order to the right person!

How do I return a product?

Please drop us a mail including your order number so we can send you the returns form. You can simply click here to create a new mail with some of the details already filled in.

How do I cancel an order?

Please drop us a mail with your order number and the request for the order to be cancelled. We may ask for a reason - this will not determine whether we will cancel the order or not (your order will be cancelled even if you don't reply), it is simply to try to better understand our customers' needs and try to further improve our service.

What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy can be viewed here.

What do the order statuses mean?

The general order status progression is as follows, and you will be emailed each step of the way:

  1. Pending: Your order has been placed and will be reviewed and processed shortly
  2. Awaiting Payment: The order has been processed and stock levels confirmed, and you may proceed with payment
  3. POP Received: We've received your POP. If you didn't send it, this step will be skipped
  4. Preparing: We've ordered the stock from the suppliers, and it's currently being processed by the suppliers or en route to us. This process generally takes 1-2 working days, but we will inform you of any delays.
  5. Payment Cleared: If you didn't send the POP, this step will come before Preparing in place of POP Received
  6. Ready for Collection or Ready for Courier to Collect: Your order is ready for collection and the invoice has been emailed to you, or everything is packed and couriers have been arranged
  7. Dispatched: This is only applicable to delivery orders. The tracking number will be attached. If the tracking number says END USER DELIVERY, we have specially arranged for the suppliers to deliver it to you. This could be for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, in order to speed things up, to lower the cost for outlying areas by making use of their massive courier contracts, or if we can get insurance included at no additional cost.
  8. Complete: Your order has been collected, or it has been delivered and the invoice emailed to you.

There are a few other order statuses which generally don't appear, but can under certain circumstances:

  • Backorder: You've made special arrangements to order an item not in stock, or the suppliers sold out between your order being processed and POP/payment being received and you've agreed to wait for stock to arrive.
  • Build in Progress: If you've purchased a system and elected for us to build it for you, it's currently being assembled and tested. This process normally takes 48 hours, as we have a stringent testing methodology once the physical assembly is complete. You will be given a printed report with the test results.
  • Cancelled: For whatever reason, be it you changed your mind or an agreement couldn't be reached regarding an out of stock item, your order will not be fulfilled and any money paid will be credited or refunded (your choice).
  • Delayed Order: Oh dear, things are taking longer than they should. If the order isn't ready within 2 working days, you will be notified of the delay as well as provided with the ETA.
  • Expired: We didn't receive payment for your order - either within 1 working day and pricing has changed/stock is sold out, or within 5 working days if everything has remained the same. If you paid before receiving this notification, please send through the POP so we can try to make things work for you. We can't promise to still be able to get the stock, but we can promise to try! This order will then be changed to Cancelled without notification.
  • Incompatible Components: Something was glaringly wrong with your order. Perhaps you ordered an LGA1200 motherboard and an LGA1151 CPU, or laptop RAM for your desktop build. We will only know if there are multiple products on your order which are incompatible with one another - if you only ordered DDR4 RAM for your computer at home, we won't know about the incompatibility. Note that Progenix does not take responsibility for incompatibilities, but if we notice them we will certainly point them out!
  • Out of Stock: Unfortunately one or more items on your order sold out between us processing the order and receiving your payment. You will be given some recommendations for alternatives, as well as the ETA for more stock if possible.
  • Refunded: You've changed your mind between paying and your order being dispatched/collected, or something has gone wrong with the stock you've ordered - it could be anything from stock levels being incorrectly reported by suppliers to something getting damaged in transit (these are incredibly rare situations, but they do happen). The refund has been processed and should reflect in your bank account within 1-3 working days, bank dependent. This order will then be changed to Cancelled without notification.

Payment Information

What payment methods do you accept?

At this stage, we only accept EFT. We are looking to implement a payment portal for credit card payments, but the fees associated are quite high and we would have to increase our prices across the board. If you don't feel safe doing an EFT, here are a few points which might build your trust:

  • We have been in constant business for over a year
  • We have 99% customer satisfaction on Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Hello Peter
  • You can call us and speak to a human
  • We use GeoTrust Extended Verification SSL, which means that all of our credentials (as well as those of our directors) have been vetted by the SSL issuer and attorneys, and are publicly available. In total, 16 authentication checks are done. The SSL certificate can also be validated.

How much time do I have to make payment?

Due to the volatile global economy at the moment, prices are changing on a daily basis. Additionally, stock levels are often extremely low and can sell out very quickly. As such, we will guarantee your price for the day (although we can't guarantee availability - we will notify you if something sells out) and only expire your order the next business day. Should pricing not change and stock remains available, we will leave your order in place for up to five working days before it is expired.

Do you price match?

The prices on our website are generally the best that we can offer, but we might be able to. The following conditions apply to price matches:

  • You will be required to send a written quote to from the company offering the item at a lower price;
  • The items have to be identical with the same part number (eg it can't be comparing an MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 2X OC to an MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 2X non-OC);
  • The items must be in stock - many places don't do price updates on items that are out of stock, and will therefore reflect the old price;
  • The items must not be on a clearance sale;
  • The pricing must be from a South African retail store (not a distributor or individual), and they must be VAT registered;
Please bear in mind that price matching is not guaranteed, and it will ultimately be at our sole discretion.

Delivery Information

Can I collect my order?

Yes you can - collection will be curb-side, as we are not allowing people into our offices during Covid. Select Collection as the delivery method during checkout and you will be notified as soon as your order is ready for collection.

Do you deliver?

It's your choice! You can either collect from our offices, or orders can be delivered nationwide for R 120 with a few exceptions - outlying areas, embassies, hotels, airports, harbours, select chain/retail stores, farms, mines, government buildings and locations outside of the Republic of South Africa may either carry a surcharge or it may not be possible to deliver. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

Can you deliver to a PO Box?

Unfortunately not, as our couriers require someone to sign for the order upon delivery. Without someone being available to sign, the order will be returned to us.

How do I track my delivery?

Once your order has been dispatch, you will be emailed a tracking link. You can click that link to see the progress of your delivery. If the tracking number says END USER DELIVERY, we have specially arranged for the suppliers to deliver it to you. This could be for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, in order to speed things up, to lower the cost for outlying areas by making use of their massive courier contracts, or if we can get insurance included at no additional cost.

Who is your courier?

Our primary courier is The Courier Guy, but depending on several factors (size, weight, stock location and your location, etc) we may from time to time make use of RTT or DCB Couriers, or even arrange for the suppliers to do the delivery straight to your door.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery generally takes 1-3 working days from time of dispatch, although outlying areas may take an additional 1-2 working days.